img1.jpgBookmarks menu is my first add-on I made in a few days.

It's a simple add-on that adds a toolbar button with a menu that includes your "Bookmarks Toolbar" items or alternative a custom search results items, so you can save space by hiding the "Bookmarks Toolbar".

"Bookmarks menu" button will be available in Toolbar Context Menu when you install it.

Highly recommended in combination with Personal Menu add-on.
which inspired me to create this add-on.

It uses a bookmarks and history management system called Places which introduced in Firefox 3 and makes it easy to search your bookmarks and history data, folders with features including favicon storage.options3.jpg

At this time my add-on has only 2 options: get all "Bookmarks Toolbar"  items or search in all bookmarks. An idea for the future is to include options that will allow the user to select and sort any bookmark he wants.

- Updated - (ver. 1.12)

I keep improving this add-on with new additions and fixes. Till now version 1.12:

 * version 1.1:
 * - fixed: now separators displays correctly as separators
 * - added one more option: include both (bookmarks toolbar and search results in a subfolder)
 * - added an observer: so if you make changes in your bookmarks 'Bookmarks menu' will update it's menu!
 * - fixed: submenus now have folder icon
 * version 1.11:
 * added a 4rth option to inlude all bookmark items
 * fixed: long url labeld trimmed down
 * version 1.12:
 * fixed: small fix in 4rth option (error with book. toolbar items)
Also new additions in the upcoming version 1.2 :

 * addition: when extension installing, install also the toolbar button on firefox restart
 * addition: new option for middle click (on a bookmark): fore-background

 * addition: new option: display menu item 'Open All in tabs' in sub-folders
 * addition: context menu on right click

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